Williams launch FW29 (and a general round-up)

And the pictures that were leaked last month prove to be genuine, albeit with slight differences (look at the angle of the Lenovo brand on the sidepod) – I’m guessing that those original photos were of test mock-ups or something.

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It continues Williams’ recent tradition of having the nicest, smartest liveries on the grid; but weirdly, as I mentioned back when posting the leaked pictures, it actually feels more like a step back towards the 2001-05 BMW Williams livery. The shade of blue is lighter than on last year’s car, and the overall arrangement is more in keeping with that BMW design. I’m not sure it’s as nice as last year’s, but it’s still a good livery, which is pleasing to see when you consider how bad (or boring) some of the others have been this year.

The uniforms, too, are quite nice and simple – albeit with perhaps a bit too much white as opposed to blue. It’s interesting, too, to note the prominence that Lenovo get as opposed to title sponsor AT&T. It’s unclear as to whether or not this will be the car to help Williams bounce back from their 2006 slump, but it’s certainly a nice-looking one.

Meanwhile, two more launches have taken place since the Renault Monstrosity, but they were fairly devoid of interest so I didn’t report on them at the time, preferring to wait until the Williams launch to mention them. Honda launched their car, but we’re being forced to wait for their “dramatic” new livery (they’ve been running it in all black, which I’d be more than happy to see be the basis of the final look, actually – we haven’t had a decent all-black car since the gorgeous ’98 Arrows, and it’s about time); while Red Bull, as expected, launched something that looked almost exactly the same as previous years, albeit with a slightly different configuration of lines across the side and nose, and a new sponsor in the form of Metro. Nice uniforms, though.

Only three teams left to launch, now (along with the Honda livery, of course), over the course of February and March; and so, as the season starts to get underway, in addition to commenting on any changes that teams’ looks undergo, I’ll start getting to work posting some of the retrospective articles that I’ve got planned. I’ll be starting by looking at the histories of some famous teams’ liveries – so expect articles soon on Benetton, Jordan and Arrows…

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