Welcome to the new F1 Colours!

Well, here we are. We’re going into our fourteenth season… and we’ve had a bit of a change.

Regular followers of the site will know that over the last few seasons, I’ve found it a bit harder to keep up with the site than in previous years. But I have still maintained an interest in everything going on around F1 and F1 liveries, and I have still wanted to keep things going. For a few years now, I’ve felt like the site has needed a visual refresh if nothing else – the last iteration of the site was launched in 2015, and it’s definitely feeling its age now – and also possibly some reorganisation and refocusing of purpose.

Well, that’s what it’s had. So in the first instance, this new streamlined look and feel is designed to better represent the news and features split on the site than the previous version did. And one piece of news is that, after the break in 2019, we are going back to doing news coverage. But a second, key part of this relaunch is an entirely new area of the site: the teams database. Over here, you’ll find a browsable record of basically every team that’s competed in F1 since sponsorship liveries became a thing – and for each one, we’ve listed key details about them including who their main livery sponsors were each year, as well as bringing together any coverage that the site might have given them down the years.

(There’s also, you’ll have noticed, a seasons database – rounding up the coverage of each season since we launched. It only goes back to 2007, as older seasons don’t have posts about them, but we may expand that database given time in future!)

The idea is to make F1 Colours more of a permanent archive resource for anyone looking for info on F1 sponsorship and its history – so even if people are visiting the site and there’s nothing new to read in the articles section, there’s still an awful lot to dig into to find information that may not be catalogued in this way anywhere else.

That said, calling it an “archive” doesn’t meant that the site will effectively be mothballed in this state – part of the point of doing all this was to spur me back into writing actual updates for the site, and that’s what I plan to do throughout 2020 and beyond. So livery and sponsorship news will (hopefully) be kept up with a bit better, as well as doing new features whenever I can (and if you head on over into the Articles section you’ll see the latest in the Livery Histories series, on Williams, is finally completed!)

Thanks to everyone who’s visited the site, whether you first did so back in 2007 or today! Hope you enjoy the new-look, new-functioning F1 Colours – and hopefully you’ll stick around for 2020 and beyond!



    January 1, 2020 at 6:58 pm

    Looks dope! And I love the gigantic archive there is now!


    January 5, 2020 at 11:08 pm

    That’s awesome news! Really looking forward to what’s next. This site deserves more recognition.

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