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Happy (belated) new year! It’s been a quiet old winter break for livery news, and we’re still waiting to get a full picture of what the new season might hold in terms of liveries. But we thought it was about time to just check in and say hello, and give a quick roundup of the current state of play regarding launch dates, and what we might expect to see from the 2019 grid.

First up, here’s the latest on when the various teams are launching their new cars:

12th Feb – Renault
13th Feb – “Racing Point”
14th Feb – McLaren
15th Feb – Ferrari

So there are still a lot of slots to be filled, but the most notable date there is probably 13th Feb – as that’s not only what we’ll find out what the team formerly known as Force India are doing with their car, but also what they’ll be called, as they have stated that Racing Point is only a temporary name. Indeed, the name might be the main draw at the launch, because the rumour is that the BWT sponsorship and pink livery will still remain in place.

The other three teams with confirmed dates are all ones whose liveries we don’t expect to change significantly – though we wouldn’t be surprised if McLaren look to freshen things up, given that the orange years have so far coincided with some of their worst ever performances. We really loved the 2018 livery, though, so here’s hoping it sticks around – or moves a bit closer to the IndyCar livery!

Of the remaining teams, we know that Haas will be getting a new livery thanks to their link up with Rich Energy – but whether it will be close to the photoshopped designs the energy drink provider has posted on social media (and hence looking like a JPS Lotus ripoff) or something else entirely, remains to be seen.

Hopefully Sauber will do something a bit more interesting with their Alfa Romeo tie-up – but then again, they are Sauber, so possibly not. It would also be nice to see something new from Red Bull after a couple of years of the same matt paint job. Conversely, we’d still be happy for Toro Rosso to stick with what they’ve got, as it’s still basically the best livery on the grid.

And then finally, there’s Williams: the team that (remarkably) finished last in the Constructors’ Championship last season. With the Martini deal ending, it’ll be time for a new livery once again – but we can only hope they do something a bit more interesting than the plain blue and white cars that littered the early 2000s before Martini came along in the first place. Is it too much to hope that they stick with a combination of white, dark blue and a lighter turquoise/blue? Something like this design by Davide Chiappini would do the job nicely:

But then, we presumably won’t know anything until we find out whether they’ve actually got a new title sponsor or not…

See you in a few weeks’ time for when the launches begin – or if any further information leaks before then!



    January 19, 2019 at 12:16 am

    Happy new year! Glad to see you’re back

    Miguel González-Summers

    January 21, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    Wooo – Happy New Year indeed – bring on 2019!!


    February 6, 2019 at 12:19 pm

    Id love to see alfa do a deal with Safilo sunglasses and have Carrera on their cars

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