Spyker Change Livery

The season hasn’t even started yet (four days until quali, though, hurrah!), and already one team have performed an about-face on their launched livery.

The press release is here, with Colin Kolles admitting that “Whilst the bright orange was a very distinctive colour when you saw it in front of you in the garage or on the track, the colour didn’t transfer well when filmed”. Which is fair enough, and is indeed borne out by the way the car looked on some of the testing videos that are floating around on Youtube.

Kudos to Spyker for at least realising that the original livery didn’t work (although you’d think they might have been able to carry out some on-track testing before launch day, wouldn’t you? And it doesn’t half mess things up for those of us with lovely season preview posters from broadsheet newspapers…). As for the new livery… well, it’s alright. It’s not as striking as the old one, clearly, but it is at least still better than last year’s – the grey blends with the orange a lot better than the silver did, but I can’t help but think that black would be better still (remember how fantastic the Orange Arrows looked upon its first appearance in 2000, although that particular horse was beaten long past its death by the time the team folded). There’s nothing that really jumps out in terms of sponsor association, either, which is a shame – Spyker, with their friendly attitude and boundless enthusiasm, have done wonders to help rebuild the former Jordan team’s perception among the F1 fraternity in the wake of the Midland debacle, but they could still have done with forging a stronger identity and image.

Now, if only someone at Renault would have a look and follow their example…

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