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Okay, Force India are really trying my patience now, to the extent that I actively want them to fail this season.

Inexplicably, they’ve made a couple of changes to their livery already, replacing the white rear wing and silvery sidepods with a bright orange-red. Not only does this clash horrifically with the gold already on the car, but it makes it look almost indistinguishable from a McLaren. I know the Maccas are silvery, but in certain light they look  almost white – and the shades of red are just about identical. Note how the similarity even extends to the strip along the top of the airbox. Seriously, Force India, what is the point? Idiots.

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It turns out, meanwhile, that Super Aguri have made a minor change to their livery, adjusting the red along the nose and throwing in a block of black. It’s not bad, as it happens… but their new uniforms, meanwhile, look great.

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And the final point to note from the first day of track action is that Ferrari have stuck an ugly barcode motif on the engine cover, presumably to make up for Marlboro’s logo being shunted off the rear wing. Not impressed, frankly. Also, hard to tell from the light, but have they gone back to that lighter shade of red? Hope not.

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    March 17, 2008 at 10:51 am

    Was at the GP on the weekend and on track that fluro red that they both use looks fantastic! Force India’s is a touch brighter than McLaren’s. The way to tell the difference was that the McLarens were the only ones left in race 😉

    The Red Bull’s looked great ontrack, as did the Hondas. The Ferrari barcode looks like **** to me and the red did look brighter than what I’d seen in photos of last year’s effort.

    McLaren definitely had the best merchandise and I’m now the proud owner of a glow-in-dark, need-sunglasses-on-to-look-at, bright fluro orange team shirt!

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