Sauber Nearly Get It Right

Okay, so I still haven’t covered the Ferrari and Force India launches yet – those to follow – but first of all, let’s have a look at this morning’s new Sauber, as the first 2013 livery to actually be significantly different from what’s gone before…

Unless it had stayed exactly the same, this could only have been an improvement on the 2012 “effort”. Thankfully, it seems they actually took the advice I gave them last year (hello, Sauber livery designers, if you’re reading this!), finally ditching the mostly-white colour scheme of the BMW days and sensibly dressing the car in the shade of dark carbon-fibre grey that they’d inexplicably doused just the nose in a year ago.

It’s not perfect, mind. I’m not entirely keen on the shade of grey used – it reminds me a bit of the awful 2010 HRT – and given that it’s Sauber, I suspect it would look much better if it were properly black. In fact, let’s test that theory with some quick, ham-fisted photoshopping:

See? Told you.

Still, we’re not here to talk about the car that might be, but the car that is. And yes, concerns over the dull nature of the grey itself aside, it’s undoubtedly an improvement. It’s got a far more coherent overall look than any of the team’s cars since their comeback have had, wisely putting most of the sponsor types in plain white while scaling down the coloured logos of Telmex and Cuervo to be far less intrusive. The only glaring standout now is the Claro logo, which still inexplicably fails to match the red elsewhere on the car. But other than that, this actually looks like it’s had thought put into it. We’re unlikely to remember it much in future years, but that’s present-day Sauber through-and-through, really.



    February 3, 2013 at 2:13 am

    I quite like the grey colour. Perhaps a very dark shade of grey would have been nicer. Either way the fact that is it metallic makes a world of difference compared to the HRT of 2010. I’m not a huge fan of the white and red design thing on the sidepod. It looks a bit like a need for speed generic design to me. They managed to get rid of the 51 colours on the car and its now a mostly 3 colour design. I think Claro only looks a different shade because the logo itself has a bunch of different shades of red in it.


    February 26, 2013 at 8:13 pm

    I salute Sauber for being different, this livery really is a massive step forward over the past couple of seasons efforts, potentially the livery of the year??

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