Roll On, Roll On, Alpha Tau(ri)

So, it’s official: after fourteen seasons in F1, Toro Rosso are no more. Instead, the Faenza-based team once known as Minardi will line up in 2020 as… Alpha Tauri.

The change comes as parent company Red Bull look to make use of the team to promote their clothing brand of the same name. It’s logic that it’s hard to argue with, to be honest – Toro Rosso was always a slightly awkward-sounding name, and never really distinguished itself from Red Bull in terms of what it was advertising (that oft-mooted “Sugar Free” livery sadly never coming to pass). But we will, of course, always remember them for two distinctive liveries – first, the painted bull that they had for their first decade, and secondly the absolutely wonderful metallic blue and red effort that they’ve had since 2017.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

It remains to be seen whether that blue livery will stay in place for 2020 onwards – but Alpha Tauri’s branding is almost entirely black and white, so it seems likely that the team will shift things in that direction. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing rather depends on whether Haas continue to have a black car next year, or if Renault increase the amount of yellow on theirs. Over at WTF1, Tom Bellingham has had a go at designing what he thinks the car could look like – with red added in the mix courtesy of Honda – and we like the cut of its jib:

At the very least, this is news that guarantees something new on the livery front next season; although we do also expect Haas to move away from the black and gold and possibly something new for Red Bull, too. We’ll find out when the launch season kicks in in early 2020!

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