Renault launch R27

… and it’s awful. Really, really hideous.

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Here’s a hint, boys – when you’ve got a new title sponsor with new corporate colours, you don’t need to just try and fit them onto your existing livery, because it’s the ideal opportunity to get a new one. If they’re desperate to get their orange on the car, and you already have blue on the car, then drop the yellow. Don’t make it look like someone’s just glued two completely different liveries together. And also, don’t break the cardinal rule of having a light colour (the orange) crossing the white without a darker colour to bridge it.

The funny thing is, when the car first appeared under blue light, it was difficult to tell what colour it was, and it seemed like they’d gone for a fully dark blue and white colour scheme with hints of orange – and looked rather good (even if we really don’t need another blue/white car on the grid). Unfortunately, when the real colour was unveiled… well, I wasn’t at the launch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if mass vomiting was the order of the day. And I can barely bring myself to post pictures of the uniforms – remember when I said I thought the McLaren suits were the worst of all time? How very, very wrong I was…

Seriously, though, I would not be at all surprised to see this livery undergo a rethink when the Renault brass realise how bad it looks on TV cameras. As it is, the reigning Constructors Champions and providers of the Drivers Championship-winning car for the last two years suddenly look like a bunch of rank amateurs. Ugh.

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    January 24, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    lol here here. awful!

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