Rear View Prints: Liveries On Your Wall

It shouldn’t surprise you given the content of this blog that we love looking at pictures of car liveries. And that also extends to looking at drawings of car liveries. So when we came across Rear View Prints recently, our biggest question was just which of their “history of F1” prints we wanted to immediately snap up and get on our wall.

Rear View specialist in side-on, technical-style illustrations of cars- of the sort you tend to see in spotter’s guides and pre-season previews – but the particular emphasis of their pieces is in showing the evolution or history of a particular marque, team or other grouped concept.

Their F1 section is growing all the time, and at present you can buy prints that show iconic past cars from the likes of Williams:



And, of course, Ferrari:

But if you want a few more cars for your buck, you can get an overview of the extremely colourful 2018 grid:

(The art for this was evidently produced before Red Bull confirmed they weren’t using the camouflage test livery… but I actually kind of prefer it to the actual racing one anyway!)

Or, and this one’s a mighty collection, every World Champion’s car up to 2017:

It’s not just F1 you can get, either – with their sets showing the evolution of famous cars such as the Porsche 911 and Nissan Skyline. And a collection of classic movie & TV cars, too, from Back to the Future to Ghostbusters by way of Dumb & Dumber and Batman:

What’s more, there are some fantastic blueprint-style maps of assorted famous circuits, and even a range of Christmas jumpers!

We always love seeing work like this, and Rear View’s prints are particularly stylish. You can check out the full range over at their website (still time to get orders in for Christmas!) – and if anyone else has stuff like this they want to bring to our attention, do let us know!

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