New Williams shirt offers hints at livery and sponsors

The announcement today that Bruno Senna is to take up the remaining seat at Williams for 2012 brought with it publicity photos of the Brazilian driver wearing official team gear – and, as can be seen, it’s a brand new shirt:

Strange as it may seem, I reckon there’s a lot that we can take from this pic about how their 2012 car is going to look. Firstly, although similar in style, the shirt is different enough from the 2011 team shirt that it’s clearly not just an old one with a few new logos stitched onto it. We can reasonably assume that this is how Williams’ 2012 gear is going to look.

That in itself, then, would suggest that the car’s livery is going to be blue with red, silver and white hints, as it was in 2011. Chances are, it’ll be very similar if not identical to last year’s. This also means it’s unlikely that the team will be announcing a new major title sponsor to replace AT&T – or if they do, it’ll be one that will fit in with this existing look.

At the same time, it’s not all doom and gloom. The shirt does feature a few more sponsors than appeared last year – aside from Bruno’s personal sponsors Embratel, Gillette seem to be making an appearance as a major sponsor for the first time (I recall them appearing on the Benettons of Berger and Alesi in the late ’90s – not sure if they’ve been in F1 at all since then), and although it can’t be seen in the above pic fellow Procter and Gamble brand Head & Shoulders makes an appearance on the left sleeve.

And of course, from a ’90s purist’s point of view… well, isn’t it nice to see the word RENAULT on Williams gear again…?

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    January 18, 2012 at 1:11 am

    Gillette was on the front wing of the Renault for the last few races in 2011 too. Not sure if you knew that.

    As disappointed as I was with the Senna news, I must admit I like the look of the shirt! I hope it is an indication that there will be more red on the car this season

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