Launch Roundup: Ferrari, Mercedes, Toro Rosso

So, as you can probably imagine, we were a bit busy with our own new livery job yesterday to look at the new cars that have begun to make their way onto the track in advance of – and during – this week’s testing. But let’s take the opportunity now to have a look at the three cars that, rather unsurprisingly, have been painted almost identically to last year…

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Let’s start with the world champions: Mercedes had already made some minor tweaks to their 2014 livery between launch and the last race of last season (switching the turqoise strip on the front wing from the top half to the bottom half, and moving the AMG logo down from the airbox) and so the 2015 car has very much a minor evolution of the livery that was seen at Abu Dhabi. The main changes are that Epson are added to the rear wing endplate, and the black area on the engine cover is a bit more solid and pronounced. It’s also nice to see that the turquoise on the sidepod is now shifted to be entirely behind the Petronas logo, rather than skirting around it – which is something I’ve always wanted them to do.

It’s a shame that the rumours of them switching to an entirely silver livery turned out to be false, but I still like how the turqoise and silver go together, so while this is a little dull, it’s fine.

Over at Ferrari, it is of course also business as usual:

Most attention will be on the fact that they now have a decent nose tip, rather than anything to do with the livery. It’s nearly identical to last year, with the main change being around the rear of the car – the black section now swoops back out to the exhaust rather than curving straight to the bottom part of the sidepod, and it also fits better with the car’s lines along the side of the nose. Other than that, the main difference is that Alfa Romeo’s logo now appears where parent company Fiat’s previously did.

And with Toro Rosso, too, the changes are to be squinted for rather than being immediately obvious:

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The gold and red stripes on the top of the sidepods and sides of the nose cone are in a slightly different layout from last year, but it’s only a very minor tweak. The other interesting point is that despite having a more traditionally F1-style nose this year, they’ve kept the tip of it blue rather than painting the whole thing gold. It looks a little odd, to be honest, and they might have been better off going back to the original design. But otherwise, this is a very nice-looking car that once again just suffers from being so similar to previous years. I know the painted bull is a major part of their identity, and I know I say this every year, but wouldn’t it be nice to see something a bit different on there now?

Finally, it’s worth noting that Red Bull have rolled out their 2015 car in a dedicated testing livery – a “camouflage” black and white paint job that’s seemingly intended to mask the specific lines of the car as much as possible so rival teams can’t get a proper look:

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It’s absolutely mental, and it would be insane if it were in any way reflective of what their 2015 livery will actually be – but I’d love it if it somehow were.

Oh, and one more thing: the talk out of today’s testing is that Ron Dennis has claimed that at some point either before or during the upcoming season, McLaren’s livery “will change”. If you can imagine me making an incredibly sceptical face, do so now.


    Augusto B. Tremarin (@augustobt)

    February 1, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    this redbull testing livery is kickass. Loved it.


    February 2, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Love the updates to the site, good job Seb!

    Mercedes is a steady improvement from last year, as is Ferrari (is the Alfa Romeo badge to encourage VW to buy them and run as their F1 entrant as rumoured on another website, or a hands off!?)

    Toro Rosso is still good but needs a big leap improvement in order to get people to talk about it, they would be as well not changing it at all. This could be perfect for a Red Bull cola livery.

    Love the Red Bull test livery, why more teams don’t have a test livery or their own identity scheme for testing I don’t know, massive marketing opportunity here! (BAR Honda black/white scheme, McLaren orange, Williams navy/white etc)


    February 2, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    And also…. Hamilton should have number 1, no discussion, no choice, you are the champion, wear it with pride! Rapper wannabe!


    February 6, 2015 at 2:23 am

    “Red Bull has promised an “even stronger” livery for the new Formula 1 season, following the positive feedback for its camouflage testing colours.” 😀


    March 2, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    Sadly, AlexF1, it seems their version of stronger now appears to be a slightly cleaned up version of what they had last year.

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