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Yes, yes, I’m still playing catchup – the Lotus has already launched, and here I am talking about the new Force India. But let’s deal with the  first car of 2012 that does actually have a fair bit to talk about on the livery front first…

So, then. Something of an exercise in making some bits better, and making some bits much, much worse:

I quite liked the 2011 car, so I’m not sure that much change was needed – although in a year where there’s so little of it about, it’s certainly welcomed. And for a kickoff, I can’t in any way complain about there being more orange on the car (I still wish the Orange Arrows colour scheme would make a comeback) – indeed, the placement of colours now means that you’d almost call it an orange car with white and green bits, rather than a white car with orange and green. I do think that there could be a bit more balance in the profile view – it’s not that the amount of green has greatly decreased if you compare it to last year’s, but I think the distribution decreases its emphasis somewhat. The only exception to this is in the front view, from which I think the  car looks better (nose shape notwithstanding) than any other the team have so far put out.

But the colours are only part of the story – and while the various United Breweries brands are integrated into the new colour scheme pretty effectively, there’s a big problem on the horizon thanks to the team’s new co-owner. And considering the fact that Sahara’s own logo is simply their name in black text with the Indian flag (i.e. the three colours that are already on the car) alongside it, it’s inexplicable just how badly they’ve put it on the car. It’s almost as if the Force India guys designed the car, and a rep from Sahara showed up with gigantic decals at the last minute. Whereas with entirely green (even sponsorless) sidepods, and the Sahara logo going on smaller in the white space below the driver’s head, this could have been a stone-cold classic.

It still doesn’t quite stop this being possibly the best looking car this team have had since back when they were still Jordan – but it’s not far off doing so. Shame. Will be interesting to see if there’s any improvement once the season draws on.



    February 6, 2012 at 4:07 am

    This livery feels quite unblanaced for me. All of the colours look a bit too disjointed. For me, Force India’s best livery was the VJM03, where the livery was flowing and clean.


    February 6, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Have to agree – looks unbalanced in sum but there are some nice touches such as in the side view the orange looks to cross over the engine cover onto the rear wing endplates.

    Sahara logo does seem to be afterthought doesn’t it?! If it were me, I would remove the green from the sidepod sides entirely to allow the Sahara branding its own breathing space, and look to other areas where the green could be increased – sidepod tops, rear wing etc.

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