Ferrari! Findia! Friday!

Okay, so let’s quickly catch up with the two cars that were launched on Friday, apparently the 2013 F1 season’s day of “F”s…

Force India first, and obviously, this is a bit disappointing given that over the last few years they’ve tended to change the livery up a bit. There are very few differences between this one and the 2012 car, however – just as was always the case with Toyota (from whom the colour patterning seems to have been directly lifted), the pattern has been changed ever so slightly, but it’s barely discernible. And the major changes in sponsors (“Fly Kingfisher” disappearing due to the collapse of the airline, and Sahara being added to the rear wing) had already happened mid-season, with the only notable fresh difference is the movement of the United Breweries logo to the airbox (in an oddly-clashing blue-on-orange), while the “Q” logo on the wing (incidentally, does anyone know what this company is? They’re not listed as a “partner” on Findia’s website) gets a bit bigger.

I do still like this colour scheme (although I wish they’d gone more heavily with the orange), mind. It’s got character – just that the deployment is already a bit dated. And you do wonder what’ll happen to the team’s sponsorship portfolio if any more of Mallya’s brands go belly-up…

Now, then. Ferrari! We haven’t come to expect much from the Definitely Not A Marlboro Packet cars in recent years, but this one is… well, it kind of looks like a Ferrari, doesn’t it?

It’s happened in previous years and turned out not to be the case, so I’m wary of saying this for sure, but: it does look like the car’s gone back to a darker shade of red than the orangey Marlboro-style colour that’s been (mostly) used since 1997. It could just be the lighting, but over at F1 Fanatic, the comparison pictures do seem to show a noticeable darkening. Which is great, of course. As is the reintroduction of black into the colour scheme – okay, it’s not on the wings (which is where it clearly should be), but it’s definitely a start. And then there’s the lovely Italian flag stripe down the nose (extending it from the tip, where it appeared last year) – it seems to stop short at an odd point in these pictures, but I’d imagine that’s where the race numbers will go.

I still don’t like the engine cover logo (largely for the way it’s not symmetrical on each side), but that’s about my only criticism. All in all, I can’t recall liking a Ferrari livery this much for quite a while. Hurrah!




    February 3, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Ferrari didn’t add any black. They had the exact black area for many years and rvrn last year they changed the frontwing pillars to go with this. What is really new is the white line seperating the black from the red.

    And yes it looks gorgeous. 🙂


      February 3, 2013 at 6:21 pm

      You may be right…never noticed! I do think they made that area larger though.


    February 3, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    The ‘Q’ on the Force India is the Sahara Q Shop, the consumer products division of Sahara


    February 26, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    The Force India livery is pretty good, I like the new, “speed bands” rather than the curvy nonsense of the fisichella car. GTood to see TW Steel be stolen away from Lotus F1, although Reebok has now dropped off of the rear wing.
    Ferrari has quite a good livery this year, the black remoinds me of the classic Mansell 1989/1990 livery, quite plian but very bold. Looks like they have lost acer and etihad airways off of the car, although UPS appeared at the last test, maybe more sponsers will appear elsewhere before Melbourne?

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