Ferrari and McLaren launch : World Continues To Yawn

So, after the frenzy of hype surrounding the release of images of the car on their official site this afternoon, it turns out that the new McLaren livery is… exactly the same as last year’s, complete with Vodafone’s name in the place of Emirates, and… replacing Johnnie Walker on the sidepods. And it turns out that the blurry pictures of de la Rosa testing behind closed doors weren’t of an interim livery, but were of the precise livery itself.

Sometimes it’s not all that fun to be right. Sigh. Oh, and to cap it all off, Ron Dennis’ lot have decided to put poor Fernando and Lewis in what might just be the worst-looking uniforms in the history of the sport.

If anything, Ferrari’s launch was actually more interesting. Alright, so the car still looks pretty much the same as it has done since Marlboro came onboard, but they’ve changed the colour of the front wing for the first time since 2000, and the now all-red beast is actually quite intimidating-looking.

But are they really going to spend the entire season with a Marlboro-replacing set of white dashes along the engine cover, nose and rear wing?

Anyway… after the anticlimax of the McLaren launch, all I can really say is – roll on 24th Jan! Meanwhile, join us tomorrow for what will undoubtedly be another boring new car from BMW…

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