Ferrari and McLaren 2012: Old liveries on new cars

I was largely away from my computer during the launch-fest that was Thursday and Friday just gone, so let’s rattle through everything now. To start with, I’ll take a look at the two teams who’ve barely changed their liveries in the slightest…

McLaren first, then. Really, the only livery changes here are to take into account the altered shape of the car from last year – most notably, with the bulkier shape of the sidepods, the red area that contains the Vodafone logo is slightly larger. It’s also worth noting – although it could just be due to lighting – that the red on this year’s car appears to be a bit more orangey than before. If anything, it’s almost reminiscent of the team’s old Marlboro colouring…

Sponsor-wise, aigo and Johnnie Walker have departed – I’ve always been slightly uneasy about prominent alcohol brands sponsoring racing cars, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing – and the latter has seen its rear-wing endplace placement taken by Lucozade.

On to Ferrari, whose sponsor makeup hasn’t changed in the slightest. As with the Caterham – and, one suspects, most of the 2012 cars bar the admirably restrained McLaren – it’s going to be the car design rather than the livery that gets talked about. Really, this is one of the ugliest front-ends of an F1 car since nose design was (largely) standardised around the 1980s. It’s rotten. Livery-wise, the only real changes are to the rear wing – where the Italian flag has gone from the back, to be replaced by a Santander logo – and the tip of the nose, where the Italian-coloured stripes would look lovely were it not for the ghastliness of the nose upon which they sit. The other alteration is that the supports that go from the nose to the front wing have now been coloured red, rather than last year’s white.

And there we go. I suppose you can’t criticise these two teams in particular for not really changing much… but neither livery feels especially inspired these days, and it would be nice if one of them decided to do something a bit more fresh and exciting one of these years.



    February 5, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Johnnie Walker are actually still there, on the mirrors (don’t worry, I missed that too until someone pointed it out to me).


    February 6, 2012 at 4:00 am

    McLaren are pulling a Toyota. But I guess they’ve done this with each of their liveries. We’ll have to wait for a major sponsor change before they mess with this one.

    I’m still waiting for the day Ferrari use some black on the car.


    February 6, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Wonder why Ferrari’s preference is to put Kaspersky on the side of the platypus bill, when there are two lovely, unadorned front wing endplates? As well as making the nose look even worse, it seems to add to clutter when there’s free space available?

    Speaking of free space – the McLaren looks a little too bland with the reduced numbers of logos doesn’t it? In particular the Aigo that sat behind the front wheels is quite noticeable in its absence. Is there anything on the underside of the rear wing this year?

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