Fantasy 2016 F1 Liveries Once Again Probably Better Than The Real Thing

You’d think the end of the F1 season would be the cue for a blog about the sport to go quiet – but when it comes to F1 Colours, the opposite is true. The end of a season can mean only one thing: it’s time for speculation about next season’s liveries to begin in earnest!

2016 promises to be a fairly exciting year for new designs, as we’ve not only got one entirely brand new team joining the grid in the shape of Haas, but there are also some changes in ownership and/or main sponsors that threaten to shake things up after 2015 largely continued along similar lines to 2014. There might finally be a major change to Red Bull’s livery now they’ve linked up with the red/white/green TAG Heuer, plus of course with Renault completing their re-buyout of Lotus we should hopefully we the return of their classic yellow and black to the grid. Rumours about other manufacturers such as Audi and Aston Martin joining the fray at some point refuse to go away, and we may even see a change at Manor/Marussia due to the departure of their original founders. And then there’s McLaren: surely they must have a title sponsor lined up this time around?

With all of this speculation, there’s naturally been a lot of fantasy-livery-making going on – and as you’ll know if you’ve spent any time on this site, fantasy-livery-making is something we utterly love. So here’s what some of our favourite designers – and a few new ones – have been up to.

A name that’ll be familiar to any of you who’ve seen these posts of ours before (or followed our Twitter) will be Camille de Bastiani. When he’s not busy actually designing liveries for Campos Racing, Cam has been doing a few fantasy liveries for 2016. Earlier this year he responded to reports that Haas might be running a yellow car with this sweet little number:


… but now that it looks like Renault are coming back in as Renault, perhaps Haas won’t go with yellow and black after all. Because there might be a car on the grid that looks like this, instead:

Back when Red Bull’s engine situation was still heavily up in the air, Camille also gave us an interpretation of what the car might look like if the team linked up with Alfa Romeo branding:

We haven’t yet seen a fantasy Red Bull-TAG, by the way, but as soon as someone does one we’ll be all over it!

Back to Haas for a moment, here’s an alternative possibility for if they went with Ferrari-inspired red (albeit with a slightly American twist), courtesy of Jerome Ghera:


While we liked the 2015 Force India livery a lot, it’s likely that it’ll see a change this year – due to rumours not only of them potentially becoming Aston Martin (of which more shortly), but also a reported tie-up with Johnnie Walker as a main sponsor. Here’s an interpretation of the latter, by another of our old favourites Tim Holmes:


But what if Force India did become Aston? This concept design from Borja Sanz is labelled as a 2017 car, but features several of FI’s current sponsors so could quite easily be a 2016 design as well. Wishful thinking, maybe?

A newcomer on the fantasy design scene – at least, we haven’t seen him before – is Andy Werner, but he’s made a big splash with some fantastic 2016 concepts that even go so far as to include race suits and (in some instances) teamwear. His Haas concept is a little more out there than the others, and is maybe a touch busy, but the colour scheme is gorgeous:




Back when rumours of a Red Bull-Audi linkup were at their height, Andy came up with a similarly dramatic interpretation of what that might look like:



He’s also had a crack at bringing Aston Martin to life (although not, it would appear, with any kind of link to Force India – love this colour scheme, though):



And finally, on somewhat safer ground, this is something we’ve wanted to see ever since those rumours first came about – a realistic 2016 Renault with the existing Lotus/Enstone sponsors!


Let’s face it, the real car’s almost certainly going to look disappointing compared to that.

If you’re a fantasy livery designer yourself, or if you see any kicking about that we haven’t yet spotlighted, feel free to let us know here or on Twitter, and we’ll round up some more when the 2016 season gets closer!



    December 14, 2015 at 4:05 pm

    Some brilliant art work out there. Fantastic article!
    Would love to see Aston Martin take over Force India and looking forward to the new look Renault F1.
    The best one above I think is the Red Bull Alfa Romeo, wonder if Toro Rosso could use that now with their year old Ferrari engine supply?


    January 14, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    2016 Red Bull livery?


    September 7, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    What software do you use for the livery design? Would love to get in to it!

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