Back to Basics for Red Bull?

It’s been a slow liveries season to get started, hasn’t it? Usually by around mid-January we’ve started to get hints of what some of the teams might look like, but the late start to testing means that in most cases we’re still largely in the dark. So thanks, then, to Red Bull, for rolling something out at today’s Pirelli wet-weather test that actually shows some significant differences from last season.

Now, it’s fairly obvious that what’s happened with this car is that they’ve had to take off the Infiniti branding, now that they’re no longer partnered with that marque; but I find it interesting that they’ve gone so far as to, rather than leave the sidepods blank, put a big Red Bull logo onĀ there in its place. Plus, Daniel Ricciardo’s number 3 has undergone a facelift, flipping the colours and getting a new font that makes it seem deliberately reminiscent of Dale Earnhardt’s NASCAR number.

And of course, losing Infiniti also means we’re shot of that ghastly purple that had adorned the car for the past couple of years. Coupled with the fact that the red/silver/blue stripes that used to be on the nosecone got ditched last year, it leaves the carĀ almost entirely blue – and it’s hard to deny that it looks a fair bit smarter than at almost any other point since the team came in. Heck, it basically looks like the good old 1995 Sauber, and we can’t say we’re disappointed by that.

Of course, this could all be misdirection – they might yet have a new sponsor to announce, they could bring back the stripes, they could even make a bit more of TAG Heuer and their corporate green. But if this ended up being the livery that they take to the grid in Melbourne come March, I’d be plenty happy.

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    J.A. B.

    February 2, 2016 at 3:29 am

    Look how small the Red Bull logo was on the 1995 Sauber in comparison to this car. I think it would look even more smart if they made it similar to that so there were a bit of blue on the engine cover as well. This livery, albeit much leaner than last years, seems to be cluttered with Red Bull logos still.

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