A lick of paint for F1C; HRT to launch on Thurs

Hello folks. Well, it’s been quiet around here lately, with the bulk of car launches taken care of – just the two as-yet-unconfirmed final slots on the grid to go, and not even a glimpse of a car during testing. There’s news on the horizon, though – USF1 sadly (or otherwise) look almost certain not to appear this year, so either we’ll have a 24-car grid (disappointing for those of us who were looking forward to 26 for the first time since the 1995 Monaco GP), or Stefan GP will take their place. Meanwhile, having been renamed Hispania Racing Team – or, no giggles at the back, “HRT” for short – it looks likely that the former Campos Meta will launch their new livery tomorrow (Thursday), so we’ll be reporting on that when we see it.

In the meantime, you may notice that – for the first time since launching the site in early ’07 – F1 Colours has a new look! I felt it was about time for a bit of a change as we go into our fourth season of livery discussion, so I hope you like the new design and logo. Keep your eyes on the site, too, as although we’ve almost run out of new cars to unveil, there’ll still be plenty of livery-related chat throughout the 2010 season, including some more historical features and guest contributions!



    March 3, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    I like the new design! That picture with all the different cars on looks amazing, I hope it’s updated with the cars from 2008-2010 though.

    I’m looking forward to see the HRT (stupid name!) tomorow, and for the first time in ages I have no idea what it might look like. Presumably it won’t be Spanish themed; James Allen reckons the team is becoming more German with this latest takeover. I’ll stick my neck out and predict it’ll be blue and yellow- though mabye that’s more what I want than what I expect!

    With this being the last launch of the season I hope the site doesn’t head into it’s usual 6 month hibernation. I’m still looking forward to the Jordan/ Benetton livery history articles, and I started my own article on the 5 worst liveries of the last decade. You might want to run it on the site, providing I ever get round to finishing it!


    March 4, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    My goodness! The new site look scared me a little at first, but I really like it! Very well done, Seb!

    Also, I am deeply disappointed with Hispania’s new livery. I hope you write an article to completely burn it.

    Armless Chair and a Half

    October 14, 2011 at 4:26 am

    Armless Chair and a Half…

    […]A lick of paint for F1C; HRT to launch on Thurs « Formula One Colours[…]…

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