2014 McLaren Is Not West-Inspired, Either

Well, they teased us. They must have known what they were doing leaving those sidepods outside their garage – they knew we’d all think they were bringing back a version of the classic 1997-2005 West “Silver Arrows” livery. We were all set to declare them late victors over Williams in the “best livery of 2014” stakes.


And then no, it turns out that it’s a “special” one-off livery for Melbourne to commemorate twenty years of their partnership with Mobil 1. Well, booooo. I do find something quite amusing, mind, about the fact that they’re commemorating the Mobil 1 partnership and not the Mercedes-Benz one, which started at the same time.

Still, it’s a better livery than the all-over silver – primarily because it doesn’t look quite so similar to the Mercedes – and if they keep the basic design while replacing Mobil 1 with a proper title sponsor in future races, we’ll be reasonably happy. But just like they disappointed us by hinting that they might run an orange car and then not doing so, once again they’ve threatened to be far more exciting before reminding us that no, they’re still McLaren.


    BasCB (@Logist_BCB)

    March 13, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Hm, I do think the black at the front could have been used more cleverly to make the nose look better (like one of those fan ‘shops done after their launch), and I would prefer a bit of colour in it instead of the silvery stripe running from front to back, I really am not a fan of retro liveries, so actually think this is a good one. And with the polished look it has, this livery certainly is a step forward from last year for me (not even to mention the bland testing livery)


      March 23, 2014 at 12:49 pm

      I disagree. I just looked F1 in 1996, or most of other retro seasons – they are so colourful compared to these 2013-2014 seasons. Disaster – this livery summarizes all recent tendencies in F1. Total lack of colours. I found this website, trying to find the people who also are worried about obvious lack of colours on F1 cars.
      To call gray a “silver” is wrong… it`s not silver! Gray is not even a colour! It`s anti colour, nothing positive.
      Black, gray, more grayish, Sauber another disasterous livery, it`s hard to distinguish cars looking TV…
      At least Indycar has kept nice liveries…
      Only “Williams” has improved this year.

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