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Well, it’s been a while, but with the 2008 launch season nearly upon us, I think it’s high time I got this site back on track after letting it rust away like so much Honda Earth livery paint. And so, this week, F1 Colours relaunches, with the promise that this time I won’t just let things fade away once all the new liveries have been unveiled in March.

In addition, then, to covering – and passing wry comment on – the various team launches, I’ll be looking to expand the site with a number of the articles I promised this time last year. A piece on my own personal favourite liveries of all time is on the way, followed by a selection of the worst paintjobs ever to grace the sport. Then various pieces on the history of certain teams’ liveries – Williams, Jordan, Benetton/Renault, and so on, although probably not Ferrari as there ain’t a lot to say – will hopefully show up.

But I’m also looking to use the site as a platform for any op/ed pieces about the sport in general that I might feel like – partly to give them a bit more focus, and partly to spare the readers of my personal blog some unnecessary soapboxing. With that in mind, I’ll get my F1 prejudices out of the way right now : pro-Williams, anti-Alonso, pro-Hamilton but anti-McLaren, pro-Benetton until they became Renault, pro-Hill in the mid-’90s but also pro-Schumacher in the late ones. Pro-Brundle, anti-Mosley, neutral on Ferrari. And my favourite era is the early ’90s, so you’ll probably see a fair bit of bias in that direction on my livery articles (plus it’s easy to find good piccies in my Murray Walker yearbooks).

I’ll also at some point be hoping to recruit some other writers to pass comment – either on matters pertaining to car design, or on the sport in general – so look out for that as well. The main focus of the site will still be on its original subject matter, but I see no harm in going off on tangents when the opportunity arises.

But all that’s for the future. For now, we’re gearing up for car launch season – and on the right-hand side of the site, you’ll see a calendar with the various teams’ announced launch dates, which will be updated as they happen or as new ones are announced. As you can see, Ferrari are first up, this very weekend – although I can’t imagine there being much to report back on, as their regulation-flaunting Marlboro sponsorship shows no signs of coming to a halt. Of note, however, is the fact that Williams will be eschewing an official launch this year – it’s therefore unclear at what stage in the testing season we’ll first see their livery out on track. Given that one of the stated reasons for the lack of a launch is sponsor-based stability, however, I doubt we’ll see much in the way of variation from last year’s design. Nevertheless, when it first shows up, we’ll have it on here.

See you for the Ferrari launch, then – and at some point in the next few days, as with last year, I’ll post a quick outline of what’s expected from the various teams’ colour schemes this year. Sadly, though, I think we’re in for even more season-to-season continuity on the colours front than we were last year…



    January 5, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Excellent. I’m glad this blog is back and looking forward to the classic liveries. Perhaps you could do some ‘Golden years’ articles where you look at various F1 seasons which had a few particular good split of colours.

    Since you set out your stance I thought it would be good if regular readers/posters did the same. So mine would be something like:

    Anti-Ferrari, pro-Raikkonen, pro-Senna, formerly pro-McLaren, anti-Mosley, anti-Bernie, neutral-Hamilton/Alonso/Williams and this year pro all the underlings Force India/Toro Rosso/Super Aguri. Also hoping BMW step up again and win a few races. My favourite era was late 80s-early 90s. The Mansell/Prost/Senna/Piquet years really.

    Steve P

    January 6, 2008 at 8:20 am

    The nose, monocoque, wings, everything will be different from the F2007!


    January 10, 2008 at 1:52 am

    Kimi’s got a new helmet to go with the new car too.

    Here’s my biases:

    Anti Ferrari, pro Kimi, pro McLaren, anti Lewis, pro BMW, pro Williams & Nico, pro Red Bull, Webber & DC, don’t really care either way for the rest but would like to see the Aguris kick more a*se this year!!

    My fav cars of all time are 1990 Bennetton, the ’99 Stewart and one year Sauber had an awesome looking thing- maybe ’03?

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