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Still the most popular article – or, rather, series of articles – on this site, back in 2008 I did a countdown of my 25 favourite F1 liveries of all time. As you can probably imagine, it inspired – and continues to inspire – plenty of debate! I still pretty much entirely stand by my choices, though, although one or two of the 2010 cars (the Lotus, the Renault and probably even the Virgin too) would have a decent chance of getting in there if I did it nowadays. Anyway, here’s a handy run-down of the full list – click on any car to be taken to the individual article…


























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  1. Purely just my opinion, but I think that the Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes, Red Bull and Toro Rosso should have a place in the top 25 liveries.

  2. Hi! First of all I want to congratulate Seb Patrick for the great idea and this nice site. So here is my top 25! I’ve limited my range to 1990-today because of too few liveries of the 70’s and 80’s making my list. Interesting fact is even if I dig mostly the early 90’s and I prefer green and blue cars, we have only 5 commons cars in our list.

    25. Footwork 1994

    Quite a strange choice, but I always liked this design with the blocks falling appart.

    24. Stewart 1999

    The best of the 3 stewarts in my opinion. Less of the scotich stripes and more clean white. Better with the green 17 of Herbert.

    23. Williams 2006

    Great combination of dark blue and white.

    22. Jaquar 2004

    I prefer this last one with only the big HSBC logo, but the 2000 one came close too.

    21. Lotus 1993

    Always liked the castrol colors, and that’s the closest an F1 car looked like it, I think…

  3. 20. Williams 2000

    I didn’t liked it when it came out but now it’s my favorite from that year. I love the “almost black” blue.

    19. McLaren 1998

    The West Mclaren were all very similar but this one have a little something more.

    18. Arrows 1998

    Great black car, stand out from the others Arrows. Is it just me or it looked like it tasted good? 😀

    17. BAR 1999

    For it’s originality. I prefer the blue side and would have been better if it was 2 distinctive cars like it was planned (first picture)

    16. Lotus 2010

    Lovely green car! Like Seb I agree it’s the best of the 21th century so far.

  4. 15. Minardi 1993

    Always liked this white Minardi. It’s clean and simple with the black and yellow bits who fits perfectly. Great with the Fittipaldi helmet.

    14. Jordan 1998

    Best of the yellow Jordan. But ’97 and 2000 came close too. And the ’96 gold was great too.

    13. Williams 1996

    1996 was not a great year for livery but this one stand out as the best Rothmans for me. ’94 is close too!

    12. Benetton 1992

    Yellow and green fits so well in this one who gived benetton an identity for 2 years before switching to Mild Seven and their too busy liveries.

    11. Jordan 1994

    Many colours but surprisingly fits really well. The turquoise and green lines on the sides and the bright red top of nose really stand out. Remind me of GP2.

  5. 10. Dallara 1993

    Top 10! Not a very popular one I think, but I remember that in real life the orange and yellow were really flashy and the car itself very eye-catching. It’s a shame it was so slow!

    9. Footwork 1992

    Quite simple, but there’s something about de red stripes on white that work so well.

    8. Sauber 1994

    The Broker one. Very nice look due in part by the pretty shape of that car. 93′ one came close.

    7. Mclaren 1994

    Really hard to choose between the 92-93-94-95 Marlboro but this one stand a little above mainly due to his beautiful lines.

    6. Larrousse 1993

    May look a little childish but I found the 4 colors make it really colorfull in a good way.

  6. 5. Benetton 1998

    Top 5! Greatest Mild Seven Benetton. The 2 shades of blue go along perfectly, the sponsors, the lines. Perfect!

    4. Ferrari 1995

    My favorite Ferrari, beautiful lines and I love the black and Yellow wings.

    3. Sauber 1998

    I think the mix of Red Bull and Petronas has never been as successful as this one.

    2. Jordan 1992

    Underrated! I know the ’91 is a masterpiece but his follower came really close in my opinion. I love that light blue mixed with red and blue. And I prefer the one with no Barkley on the side (3rd picture)

    1. Jordan 1991

    Surprise! Everything have been said about it. A classic from nose to rear wing.

    Thank you and long live F1 colors!

    • Excellent stuff Alex! Bet this took you a long time to do as well. Actually, I tend to agree more with your list than Seb’s, although it’s a matter of taste. There are more colourful choice, and I like colour!

      • Agree with Ned, we’ve got two awesome lists but I think Alex you cover more of my favourites, even ahem… the 93 Larrousse 🙂

  7. haha thanks! Yes it took a couple of hours… but with this site it’s easier:

    They have almost all models from side view. you should do yours too!

    • Wow, that site is awesome. Thanks for the link.

      On a side note, I think the JPS livery from the Lotus 98T will always be my favorite.

  8. Why has noone mentioned the benson and hedges Jordan of 1996 gold livery was amazing!

  9. I’m delighted looking back that they didn’t allow BAR to run with 2 separate liveries! The cars would have looked good but most teams would now be running with 2 separate liveries like they do in Indycar if they’d allowed that.

  10. i like the Jordan Mugen Honda series the most

  11. Just saw this list. Nope. Wrong. United Colour of Benetton belongs here over the schemes shown, Red Bull deserves a place in the top 10, the JPS Special scheme is number one, long gone never forgotten, and the bright yellow Camel scheme so hated by the JPS fans was bold and daring and better than most shown here and should be in the top 10 as well. Lotus should also be here with the green and yellow livery, McLaren Honda Marlboro and Canon Williams and The classic William’s Parmalat blue and white should be in on the top 10 as well.

    • It’s fine that you disagree – hey, debate is good! – but you can’t really call the list “wrong”. It’s a list of my own personal favourites – therefore, if I left out some of my actual favourites and included ones that weren’t, *then* it would be wrong.

  12. …and Renault Mild Seven.

  13. …and not a Lotus 99T in sight

    • I do like the Camel Lotus a lot. On another day, it might have made it in! I think I like it more now than I did back when I originally wrote these, though.

  14. I am gonna leave my top 25 here.

    25. Force India VJM09. Looks like a West Mclaren, with the orange line adding a swathe of colour. Looks like what McLaren should be nowadays, but TBH, the VJM09 is much prettier anyway
    24. Williams Fw21
    Adding more white compared to 1998 really helped this livery. looks more original, and is quite striking
    23. Brawn BGP001
    the most destincitive livery of the last years, even despite bing largely white. looked better as it gained some sponsors, such as during the races in Singapore and Brazil
    22. Honda Ra106.
    The tint of white is just perfect, the Lucky strike livery well exectuted, albeit be it quite cluttered
    21. Simtek s951 (1995)
    Unusual, pretty
    20. McLaren Mp4/2
    A classic. Not my favorite colours, but I cannot deny they work well. The broad, bulky Mp4/2 suits the chevorns best
    19. Toyota Tf104
    Toyota’s livery is badly underrated. The livery worked best in 2004.
    18. Benetton B191
    I like this one better than the 1992/93 schemes, since it has more blue in it.
    17. Jordan 197.
    positively outrageous. maybe shouldn’t work, and it probably wouldn’t on any other car, but the 197’s shape works well with this livery
    16. Prost 2001.
    that colour. the livery is simple, but that colour
    15. Benetton B188.
    If you want colourful, look no further. utilizing many colours without becoming a mess\
    14. Brabham BT54
    Just gorgeous. the BT54 is an underrated beauty anyway
    13. Jaguar R2
    I picked this one, but they all look great
    12. Lotus 49 (1967).
    need I say more? classic
    11. Arrows A22
    The 2000 version was a bit cleaner, but I feel this one works better with the shape of the car
    10. Arrows 1997
    A livery befitting a top team. simple and elegant
    9. Lotus 79
    The black beauty. elegant and classy
    8. Williams Fw16
    As tragic as it might have been, the Rothmans livery looked best in early 1994
    7. Benetton B194
    Somewhat cluttered but it is surpisingly pretty. The green makes this livery more distincitive than the later ones
    6. Manor MRT05
    very clean, beautiful livery, nice colours, and some pretty sweet details.
    5. Renault R24
    The extra dark blue, and the removal of the jarring white on the wings made this Renault’s best livery. Later ones were more cluttered, but this one is excellent
    4. BMW Sauber F1.06
    The tint of blue is gorgeous, the touch of red is genius, and the whole looks smooth and clean.
    3. Mclaren Mp4/13
    Looks like a silver arrow, but adds enough to not be one, looks solid and fast from every angle
    2. Jordan 191
    Absolute classic. Simply gorgeous
    1. Jordan 198
    Might still look good on a 2010 – 2013 car. The balance of colours is on point, and even the parts that clash with the rest of the livery fit in quite well (Mastercard). The black nosecone is a nice touch.

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