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Rear View Prints: Liveries On Your Wall

It shouldn't surprise you given the content of this blog that we love looking at pictures of car liveries. And that also extends to looking at drawings of car liveries... [Read More]

November 23, 2018 // 0 Comments

1992: Team Lotus

Following the end of their Camel sponsorship deal in 1991, Lotus switched back to their original racing green and yellow colours, on a predominantly white livery that in any year that didn’t also contain the 7up Jordan might have been the strongest of the lot. But in 1992 they went even better, [Read More]

January 12, 2017 // 0 Comments

1987: Camel Lotus Honda

If you’re finally getting rid of the John Player Special livery, you’d better be replacing it with something pretty damned good – and to be fair, that’s exactly what Lotus did. It probably helps that this is given iconic status by the presence of Ayrton Senna, but this is still an excellent [Read More]

January 12, 2017 // 0 Comments

1972: John Player Special Lotus

It could only be, really. A sponsor partnership that would last, on and off, for over a decade, and still perhaps the most iconic F1 livery there has ever been. It’s not just that the black and gold are absolutely beautiful together – although they are – but that this is the first ever black [Read More]

January 12, 2017 // 1 Comment

1968: Gold Leaf Team Lotus

There’s really only one place to start with the first year of sponsorship liveries: the one that started the whole crazy trend off. But aside from its place in history, the Gold Leaf Lotus car is still an iconic one to this day; the red, white and gold colour scheme is hugely appealing and [Read More]

January 12, 2017 // 2 Comments

I know Lotus, and you, sir, are no Lotus

Right, then. You could all probably imagine I was going to comment on this at some point. So. Here is a picture of a potential 2011 livery (although, as I’ll explain, I don’t believe it’s actually going to run next year) for the Team Formerly Known As [Read More]

December 9, 2010 // 13 Comments

Back to Black for Lotus

Well, this is interesting. As regular readers will know, I’m a huge, huge fan of the 2010 Lotus livery – I think it’s the best one not only on this year’s grid, but quite possibly on any year’s grid for the last decade. So I can’t really see any reason for them [Read More]

November 11, 2010 // 10 Comments

Sponsors and Formula One

In the first of a handful of guest articles coming up here on F1 Colours, Mark Martin of moneysupermarket.com – they of the current Nigel Mansell-led advertising campaign – talks about the changing face of F1 sponsorship, and the ever-shifting trends of the sort of companies that [Read More]

October 28, 2010 // 5 Comments

Livery Histories #1 : Lotus

The first article in this series was originally going to be about Jordan Grand Prix, but following the news about a new Lotus team’s planned entry into F1 in 2010, I couldn’t help but get thinking about Lotus liveries. After all, of all the new teams entering next year, Lotus is the [Read More]

November 13, 2009 // 15 Comments

The Top 25 F1 Liveries of All Time : #10

So, we’re a day behind. Sorry about that – personal reasons meant that I wasn’t able to sit down and write this yesterday. So I’ll try and catch up at some point – I’m thinking that what I might do now is post four this week, five next week, then next weekend do [Read More]

February 5, 2008 // 5 Comments

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