2000: Orange Arrows

Another tough year to call, with the new metallic green Jaguar, the BMW Williams, the Telefonica Minardi and another iteration of the silver McLaren. But the Orange Arrows takes it for all kinds of reasons – it reintroduces a much-missed colour to the grid, adding much needed variety. It has a [Read More]

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1996: TWR Arrows

Another one that looks incredibly Indycar-ish – but it’s a really, really pretty car, and a vast improvement on the predominantly white one it replaced partway into the season. The use of silver rather than white to separate the red and blue works really well, and while there are a cluster of [Read More]

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1981: Ragno Arrows Beta Racing

There haven’t been enough orange cars in F1, and most of the ones there have been have been Arrows (Arrowses?) This one is lovely, though, from the black-on-orange sponsoring of the top portion, to the sidepods that look like a sheet of graph [Read More]

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Livery Histories: Arrows

One of F1's most venerable pub quiz answers, Arrows Grand Prix (also known at various times as Footwork Arrows and TWR Arrows) are most famous as being the team to have competed in the most races without winning one - competing 382 times between 1978 and 2002 without ever putting a driver on the top step. At the time of their demise, the team had one of the most noteworthy liveries in F1, courtesy of their dramatic and memorable Orange-sponsored scheme - although it had been diluted somewhat by secondary sponsors by this point, as we'll see. But it was just one of a line of varied and often inspired designs the team employed in their lifetime, showing that what they lacked in race-winning craft, they frequently made up for in livery quality... [Read More]

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