Ferrari remove barcode!


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I suspect they wouldn’t have been so quick to do this if they didn’t already have Santander splashed across the rear wing (and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Spanish bank make it on to the engine cover before too long), but this is as close to an admission of “Yeah, alright, you got us” as you’re ever going to get from the Scuderia.

Got to reproduce this final parting shot from them, though, as it might just be the funniest moment of the whole “saga”:

Together with Philip Morris International we have decided to modify the livery of our cars starting with the Barcelona Grand Prix.

This decision was taken in order to remove all speculation concerning the so-called ‘bar code’ which was never intended to be a reference to a tobacco brand.

By this we want to put an end to this ridiculous story and concentrate on more important things than on such groundless allegations.’

I mean… if the barcode had nothing to do with Philip Morris, then what exactly, pray tell, did they have to do with the decision?

Cracking stuff.

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  1. Ned Flanders // May 7, 2010 at 4:13 pm // Reply

    Well ignoring all the politics around the decision, I think it’s a big improvement to the livery. The more red on a Ferrari, the better I say. Then again, the white box is a bit silly, and the engine cover looks pretty bare now.

    I reckon pretty soon that, because of the F Duct, every team will need a huge engine cover, and it’ll have a huge effect on F1 liveries. With the post 2008 mismatched wings and bulbous sidepods I reckon engine covers are just about the best place to put an advert on an F1 car these days.

    (Also Hispania have changed their livery. The white is gone, there is more red, and I think it’s painted much darker now, more black than grey)

  2. Yes, show the new Hispania. The new darker gray is looking much better.

  3. Ned Flanders // May 12, 2010 at 5:19 pm // Reply

    You know what… I love this new Hispania livery. It’s not even that different to the old one, which I hated. It’s one of my favourite designs on the grid now.

    Virgin’s livery, on the other hand, gets worse and worse every time I see it. The dayglo red ruins it I reckon

  4. I think if they white-filled the rectangle it would look even better – much like the NT Marlboro livery from the early 2000s.

    I made a quick mock-up here;

  5. I guess the red rectangle still induces more “Marlboro” more than a white one. I found the whole discussion peculiar in light of some new that were posted back in 2005, when Marlboro was thinking of buying all of Ferrari’s sponsorship-space. They wouldn’t allow any other logos on the car and try to keep the brand recognition this way.

  6. Special for Turkey, GP 800 for the team –
    Looks much better, would be nice if they kept doing things like that for the whole season:

  7. The Last Pope // May 27, 2010 at 8:28 pm // Reply

    I agree Bosyber. For race 801 they should just leave that ferrari badge or maybe a slighty larger one.

    Ned, I am hoping that next year with the “f-duct” ban, they ban the shark fins too. They may have an aero effect, but they LOOK like they are just advertisement boards. I like sponsors on a F1 car but I’d hate a F1 car designed for sponsor space rather than speed.

  8. Sponsor space has been a design criteria for at least 20 years. Back in 1994 when the engine ramscopes were banned and the airbox was put out of use mid-season teams argued very loudly, that they don’t want the airbox to go, because they need the sponsor space. FIA agreed and in Hockenheim a standardized cutout at the back of the airbox was introduced and in 1995 the ramscope was back
    in. In 2004 the airbox cover and the the rearwing sideplates were enlarged to allow for better sponsor placement. It was explicitly stated that these changes were not done for any aerodynamic reasons. In 2005 the rearwing was changed again, moving forward and leaving the rear-limits and thereby allowing for an even larger area.

    It may not always be the highest priority, and sure often sponsorship placement had to take compromises, but the cars are designed to leave room for prominent sponsor placement.

  9. Ned Flanders // June 2, 2010 at 8:55 am // Reply

    I heard the FIA are going to ban anvil wings which connect with the rear wing- there’ll be a miniumum 300- 400mm gap between them. That’s probably a good thing, as they currently cut the rear wing in two- meaning that McLaren are sponsored by Voda and fone, for example!

    I think sponsorship has a major effect on car design. Dahie is right, there have been plenty of changes made to increase sponsorship areas rather than performance over the years. I suspect that the split rear wing proposal from a few years ago may have been canned because of the effect it would’ve had on rear wing sponsorship

    • With the banning of f-duct-type devices that seems like a good precaution to avoid hidden implementations too (well, unless the complicated Merc. way actually works).

      Good point about the split wing. I thought it just didn’t end up working (people on f1technical forum were arguing/quoting studies that wake change due to them was counter productive). But advertising area is as good, and simpler an explanation “for sure”.

      Will everybody go for Merc.-style low intakes again next year, do you think Ned?

      • Ned Flanders // June 5, 2010 at 3:24 pm // Reply

        Maybe… I’m not sure what advantage it brings. Apparently they are running an F Duct, but they don’t have the long tube that McLaren/ Ferrari/ Sauber have, so I don’t know they do it

  10. Ned Flanders // June 5, 2010 at 10:29 pm // Reply And here is my final design. Get involved, it’s fun!

    • A bit busy around the cockpit, and I am not sold on the mugshots, but those colours work pretty well together on the nose and sidepods. Hate those wheelcovers, but you used them well.

  11. Imho, the design contest doesn’t work this way. You can’t design a car on a 2D-side projection. Formula cars have to many details and too complicated lines to be able to make a viable design proposal. For CTDP and some side projects I painted many fictional cardesigns and you can’t judge a design just by the side-view. After all the design has to work at every angle.

    I miss the GPxCarpainting-Fantasy-Design cometitions that where held in 2004/2005 🙂

  12. Any thoughts on the new Ferrari logo?
    … I feel that it does even more to get the idea of a package of cigarettes, across: a package with a chevron lying on its side ready to get a smoke out.

    I do think it is a nicer looking logo, and I guess smart marketing to keep the issue getting publicity by providing news on it every few weeks.

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