Fantasy 2015 Liveries Are A Big Thing Right Now And We Love Them

Perhaps it’s the fact that 2014 didn’t see too many in the way of drastic changes to the previous year’s liveries – or perhaps it’s just that we expect that 2015 may see a radically different style grid for more reasons than one – but whatever the rationale, it seems that there’s a growing trend among fantasy F1 livery designers to already be looking forwards to next year, and styling possible future cars.

In some cases, there’s a desire to genuinely predict how things like the McLaren Honda might look – but in others, it’s simply a case of mixing up the established designs to come up with something fresh. Either way, two designers in particular have given us a deluge of absolutely gorgeous possible or alternate designs in recent weeks, so naturally we thought we’d take a look at them all.

First up we have Tim Holmes, who’s been posting his designs on his Facebook page, and has recently been spotlighted by the top blog WTF1. Tim has, like many people, been speculating on the 2015 McLaren, and his three designs are significantly different from one-another. They all include silver, but one (comfortably my favourite) is an obvious Marlboro homage, another makes use of classic McLaren orange, and the third is a somewhat more out-there heavily blue effort:

10518341_798327193557926_2992143368221474501_o f1-2015-mclaren2-landscape mclaren-f1-2015-landscape-retina
Among his other designs, we have some of the cars being just slightly tweaked, such as the Mercedes, Williams and Ferrari:

1669635_798327203557925_2727757194276712248_o  10620017_798326426891336_4024854560667552412_o  f1-2015-ferrari-landscape
His Red Bull, meanwhile, makes use of a “can”-styled concept that many of us have wanted to see on the car for years:

The Marussia and Sauber are both welcome reinventions – in particular, I’ve long wanted to see Marussia move away from the red/white/black of their current scheme:

f1-2015-marussia-landscape  f1-2015-SAUBER-landscape
More dramatic are the Caterham and Lotus. I’m not entirely sure that all the colours work well together on the Caterham, but I absolutely love the Lotus – it’s possibly my favourite of his. It’s about time, in my opinion, the team moved away from the JPS-inspired design – and this livery manages to homage both another classic Lotus livery (the yellow Camel) and the team’s prior history as Renault. Brilliant:

10604620_798326860224626_2818837691958884320_o f1-2015-lotus-landscape
Finally, Tim has also knocked up a concept Brabham team, inspired by the recent crowdfunding project to get a Brabham team of some kind back into open-wheeled racing:

Not to be outdone, designer Camille de Bastani – whose work we’ve enjoyed immensely and featured on the site before – has also knocked up a few potential 2015 efforts. Camille has been trying out various different McLaren concepts for a while, some of them along similar lines to Tim’s:

BwdofSLIgAEZZh1 MP430 grise MP430 MP430 Sans titre-1
Camille also offers some stylish twists on the existing Ferrari, Mercedes, Sauber and Williams – and, again, goes with a red/white/blue for the Marussia. Seriously, guys, are you paying attention? THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!

But the absolute best in this batch of Camille designs, I think, is his Red Bull:


It’s the first time I’ve seen an alternative Red Bull design that I love that isn’t based on the colours of the can. Somehow, it manages to be based on the existing styling of the car, but just… absolutely loads better (with absolutely no spray paint in sight). Superb work.

Check out more of Tim and Camille’s terrific work at their websites. And if you’ve seen any other fantasy 2015 liveries (or indeed made any yourself) that you think we should feature, get in touch!

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  1. Nice. I’ve been disappointed with the car liveries for sometime. Too may subdued tone, airbrush affect and silver. Bring back bold primary colour and make these rolling billboard stand out, I say.

  2. Really masterpiece…

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