So the sponsor responsible for the most ghastly F1 liveries of recent times has left the building – ING have ended their association with Renault early, in the wake of the Nelson Piquet Jr “crashgate” scandal.

ING had already stated that their deal with the team wouldn’t be renewed at the end of 2009, so we would have been expecting a new Renault livery for 2010 anyway. Should the team remain in the sport (and I’m not sure that’s a given), there’s hopefully a good chance of a classic yellow/black/white colour scheme next year. But the pertinent question now, is – what about the rest of ’09? With the announcement having taken place so close to the Singapore GP, there’s been no time for any major change to take place – the Renault logo has simply taken ING’s place on the car – but for the remaining three races, I wonder if the team will move to make any further changes? You have to say that the prospect of seeing that car with the orange removed, but with the yellow, red and white still in place, could make for a vast improvement…

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  1. I doubt there will be any changes at all, just Renault written on the car a million times. Next years car will probs be white yellow and black, but with another 5 colours as well lol.

  2. I’m actually in the minority of people who like the ING Renault livery, particuarly the 2009 version, but I hope they get rid of the orange anyway, simply because we haven’t had a mid season livery change for a few years.

  3. At least they have new team clothing right now!
    I expected them to run the same livery as in singapore, simply because they travelled directly from there to japan…
    But maybe for the last two races they will abolish the orange, as they already did on their clothes!

  4. Just heard some bad news- the F1 teams are considering one giant mutual launch before the 2010 season to save costs.

    But the only fun of the pre season is seeing each team launch their new cars- now it looks like it’s all going to happen on the same day…

  5. Next year is looking very good for liveries – Brawn will probably be going silver thanks to Merc’s involvement, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see McLaren go predominantly Vodafone red in response as it looks like the McLaren/Mercedes relationship is heading for divorce. Renault should be back to black/yellow, there’s three new teams coming on board, FANTASTIC!

  6. Well looks as though the orange will be staying on the Renault until the end of the season, but Brawn have tweaked their livery. And now it looks even worse than before! Reminds me more of an old Minardi with obscure sponsors and clashing colours than a championship challenger.

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