20 Comments on A careful, considered and reasoned response to Haas’ revised 2017 livery

  1. This is, honest to god, one of the worst livery redesigns in recent years

  2. I actually like it.

  3. Amen to that!

  4. I like it too. It’s clean, serious, and no curvy pin-stripey nonsense.

    Only changes I’d have made would be to stick the driver numbers on the end plates as well, and seen what the Haas logo on the side pods looks like without the outline. Oh, and the full driver name and flag on the right hand side should be a reverse oblique as well, to match the TLA.

  5. I like it. It’s clean and nice. Who cares if it’s grey. We need the full color spectrum here and we might as well have a grey car as long as it looks good

  6. all i can say is, i cant wait to see it – that is the most lifeless drawing of a car ive ever seen and it doesnt make me feel gret about the new livery. but deep down im jumping for joy at someone whose keeping grey in the livery mix. (agreed Nick)

  7. So apparently the grey part in front is not grey but white
    I’d still prefer more lively colours from this team tho

  8. I actually like it. I think it is pretty cool.

  9. Haas are American and should be running the bombastic livery type that we see at Indy! Where is the pazazz? That American glam? This livery is sleep inducing and just hurtful to the eyes. Horrid, awful, unambitious and like Ted Kravitz says ‘none more grey’

  10. Autosport demanded a proper explanation and Steiner has now relented by saying essentially that the new colour scheme, along with bigger writing, is to make the Haas signs more prominent. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/129744/haas-explains-monaco-livery-change. Even Steiner himself doesn’t sound too convinced.

  11. It is dull but it makes sense to want the sponsors logos to stand out.

  12. We want the indy livery dammit

  13. Reminds me of a minadi, so i can’t complain. I also don’t mind a grid that doesn’t look like a eurovision concert, keep it modest.

  14. fandericciardo3 // June 7, 2017 at 3:03 pm // Reply

    Even worse than the 2012 Sauber and the 2015 Grey McLaren?

    • I don’t get all the complaining about the Sauber C31. Okay, it wasn’t the most graceful car and the scheme did lack some imagination, but it still looks like a party animal compared to the dull Original 1994 livery, very solid compared to 1994’s Tissot livery, and apart from being somewhat bland, it’s not that ugly

  15. better than the previous one, at least you can read the text now.

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