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2011 Liveries: The Verdict!

Right, then. We’ve now seen all twelve of 2011’s Formula One liveries. I wanted to wait, before doing the usual summary post, until we’d seen them all running on track in testing – but frankly, from the looks of things we may not see the HRT in motion before Melbourne [Read More]

March 14, 2011 // 14 Comments

2011 Livery Speculation

Launch season is nearly upon us once again; and so what better way to kick things off than with a run through each of the teams on the grid, with a bit of speculation about how each one is going to look? Unfortunately, 2011 seems to be one of those years where continuity, rather than innovation, is [Read More]

January 11, 2011 // 18 Comments

F1 Sponsors: The Next Generation?

As we head towards the F1 launch season 2011, I’ll be along in the next week or so with my usual roundup of speculated liveries for the teams this year. In the meantime, however, here’s another guest article from Mark Martin, along similar lines, in which he speculates about the sort of [Read More]

January 9, 2011 // 2 Comments

Livery Histories #2: Jordan

Better late than never, eh? In an attempt to shift discussion on this site away from the various Lotus teams for once, let’s finally get around to something I originally planned to do about a year ago – the second of my Livery Histories posts, this time focusing on one of the most [Read More]

December 15, 2010 // 13 Comments

Numbers Nostalgia

Our latest guest article comes from Ollie Judkins – and while it’s not strictly speaking about liveries, I’m sure there are plenty of readers who (if they’re anything like me) are also interested in the vagaries of race numbers. If so, then read on… Who else was hoping [Read More]

November 12, 2010 // 13 Comments

Sponsors and Formula One

In the first of a handful of guest articles coming up here on F1 Colours, Mark Martin of moneysupermarket.com – they of the current Nigel Mansell-led advertising campaign – talks about the changing face of F1 sponsorship, and the ever-shifting trends of the sort of companies that [Read More]

October 28, 2010 // 5 Comments

2010 Liveries : The Verdict!

Well, with all 12 teams’ liveries now unveiled, and the season opening race mere days away, I thought it time to take one last look at all 12 together, to see how they compare to one-another – and to the history of liveries in general – and give them all marks out of ten. [Read More]

March 10, 2010 // 11 Comments

Lesser-Spotted F1 Liveries

Some F1 liveries are iconic. The rosso corsa Ferrari, as used for decades. The red and white Marlboro McLaren, raced by legends such as Senna and Prost. The variations of the blue and white colour scheme used by Williams during their glory years in the '80s and '90s. The Silver Arrows Mercedes which was synonymous with both Mercedes in the '50s and McLaren over 40 years later. But not all designs reach this level of prominence. Some are consigned to the dustbin after no more than one or two events. Some are never raced at all. Others are never even intended to be raced! Created for reasons as varied as charity promotion, sponsorship changes and regulation disputes, this is a collection of obscure F1 liveries. [Read More]

January 11, 2010 // 15 Comments

2010 Livery Speculation

The 2010 season is looking to be one of the most exciting in years for those of us interested in the changing face of F1 liveries – with four entirely new teams joining the grid, two others rebranding, and at least one other set to change colour scheme as the result of a defunct sponsorship [Read More]

January 5, 2010 // 14 Comments

Livery Histories #1 : Lotus

The first article in this series was originally going to be about Jordan Grand Prix, but following the news about a new Lotus team’s planned entry into F1 in 2010, I couldn’t help but get thinking about Lotus liveries. After all, of all the new teams entering next year, Lotus is the [Read More]

November 13, 2009 // 15 Comments

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