2016: Manor Racing

At the time of writing it looks like this might be the last ever Manor livery, which is a crying shame as they’d finally got it right for the first time since the team’s inception as Virgin in 2010 (when they would have had the best livery that year if not for Lotus and Renault). Once again, it’s making the hues of blue and red metallic that really makes this stand out – as do little details like the stylised “M” logo fading into the engine cover. It’s a car that successfully makes you forget that they basically have no sponsors and no money, and it’s a shame we (probably) won’t be seeing it again.

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  1. Did you forget 2015?!

  2. Sorry, but my pick for 2016 would’ve been Red Bull Racing matte finish. It’s a bit usual, but still so agresive and mean and kinda different too. 2017 clear favorite so far is Renault.

  3. fully agreed on this one, if nothing else, they left the sport in style.
    the thing i dont understand is why more team with as few sponsers as this car had dont use this tenique.
    i mean when mClaren test ran a similer style livery (back when ever it was) it looked great, and there are definatly some teams out there that could make it work today.
    i think the crowing touch for me though was the hidden M logo on the engine cover – thats a lesson in livery for any of the teams.

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