2009: Brawn GP

This didn’t feel like it was going to be a classic livery when the team rocked up with what felt like an extremely interim job, and throughout the early part of the season we were constantly pricking our ears up at rumours that they were going to replace it with a “proper” livery at some point. As it was, they never did – they just added a few sponsors here and there from race to race. But its single-season, title-winning nature made it iconic – as did the fact that it’s a combination of colours that have never been seen on the grid before and may never again. Different sponsors sometimes ruined the effect, but when it had the Virgin Media and Canon logos on was when it struck the best balance – not least because the latter called to mind the early ‘90s Williams.

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  1. What’s that light green stuff on the front-right rim? Always puzzled me, that.

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