2007: AT&T Williams

I’ve always maintained that I preferred the 2006 Williams, with its stronger shade of accenting turquoise, to the one that followed; but of late, I have to admit to changing my mind. Switching the nosecone to white really helps this livery, as does the addition of Lenovo as a major sponsor across all angles. If only that light blue were a bit darker and greener, it would basically be perfect. As it is, though, this one stands above the 2007 field a little better than the 2006 one (which really is harmed more and more by the clunky nose cone design the more I look at it) does; and for that reason, of this Williams era, it’s the one I’ve chosen.

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  1. I have so mixed feelings, I love the car at the same time as I hate it for copying so many elements from a series of cars I did for my Simracing team back then: http://racecarf1.com/cars/rc-15.html
    Well, I just claim they paid homage to my cars and it’s suit my reality xD 😉

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