2004: BMW Williams

This design changed so little between 2001 and 2005 (except for Compaq becoming HP) that you could pick it out for any of those years, but it was in 2004 – a relatively bland year generally – that it stood out best. And not just because of the “walrus nose”. While they could be criticised for not really changing it over that time, you can see why they stuck with it – it’s a really strong fusion of Williams blue and BMW’s blue-and-white, and the silver is a really nice touch. Most notably, it stuck to a rigid policy of not allowing additional sponsor colours, so it always remained blue and white.

2 Comments on 2004: BMW Williams

  1. Amazing, I particularly like the small detail of a slanted HP logo.

  2. I think it’s also stronger than in previous years by with the bold silver in the nose complimenting the lines of the walrus…

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