2002: HSBC Jaguar Racing

Truth be told, the best of the Jaguars is probably the original 2000 one – but since that doesn’t qualify, I’m picking it in 2002 instead. Actually, the car had been improved by the addition of the full Becks logo to the side of the monocoque, and this one also works in the new AT&T logo quite well. Only the blue and white EDS sticker slightly damages it, although not to the extent that the livery would get weaker and weaker in 2003 and 2004. This metallic green is still one of the most gorgeous shades of paint to be seen in the sport, and the gold wheels (which put me in mind of the 1998 Renault Laguna BTCC) are a fantastic touch.

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  1. My favourite of all-time. There’s just so much to like about it – you can tell the designers put a lot of time into it. For example, I love the way the Beck’s logo was distorted to align with the sidepods. The alignment and placement of the Jaguar jaguar. The combination of colours. Damn, it’s so good!

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