1998: Mild Seven Benetton Playlife

It took them a few goes, and the 1997 livery was the best they managed with a striped pattern; but in 1998, Benetton finally got their Mild Seven scheme to perfection, by making a bit of a drastic change in approach. The predominantly sky blue car is beautiful, and separates from a white sidepod – designed to allow for differently-coloured sponsor logos – with Mild Seven’s secondary darker blue. And red works superbly as a minor accent colour. It’s only a shame that the following year, they’d already started to tinker with it a bit too much, and removing the white in 2000 made it extremely bland. 1998 is a tough year to call, with the Winfield Williams and black Arrows also in there, but this is one of my absolute favourites of all time.

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