1992: Team Lotus

Following the end of their Camel sponsorship deal in 1991, Lotus switched back to their original racing green and yellow colours, on a predominantly white livery that in any year that didn’t also contain the 7up Jordan might have been the strongest of the lot. But in 1992 they went even better, making the car predominantly green and yellow with a bit of black. You can imagine why I liked it. Some of the sponsor logos and stickers do clash with it a bit, especially when they go over the lines between sections; but the car benefits from Castrol sponsorship that looks like it’s driving the livery rather than being coincidentally there.

(Incidentally, despite losing the green Jordan, 1992 was an excellent field, and in another year any of the Fondmetal, Camel Benetton, Canon Williams, Minardi, Sasol Jordan or even the pink and blue Brabham could have been contenders.)

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