1968: Gold Leaf Team Lotus

There’s really only one place to start with the first year of sponsorship liveries: the one that started the whole crazy trend off. But aside from its place in history, the Gold Leaf Lotus car is still an iconic one to this day; the red, white and gold colour scheme is hugely appealing and there’s something quite charming about how the additional sponsor logos are simply rectangular stickers – the concept of integrating them hadn’t quite arrived yet.

2 Comments on 1968: Gold Leaf Team Lotus

  1. Obviously there’s a financial incentive, but I wonder whether sponsorship in F1 would have took off quite so fast if they hadn’t done such a beautiful job with this design. I’m surprised we haven’t seen gold, white and red used together more often.

  2. Agreed. One of the best liveries of all time, actually.

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