Best Liveries Ever

Here it is: the official F1 Colours list of the greatest F1 liveries of all time. Rather than counting down a list of 10/25/100/whatever liveries from across a range of seasons (like we did in 2008), we’ve decided for this latest iteration to pick a single livery that stands out from each individual year. While this does mean that there are perhaps some surprising omissions – and that a weak year like 1979 or 2005 gets the same representation as classic ones like 1991, 1998 or 2010 – we think this gives the best representative spread of the changing face of F1 livery history.

We’ve started at 1968, as that’s the first season that sponsorship liveries were allowed; this also means that after picking a favourite for 2017, we’ll have a nice even fifty!

While styles and trends may change, that undefinable quality that makes a brilliant livery remains constant. Sometimes it’s the colour, sometimes it’s the sponsors, sometimes it’s an iconic place in history – sometimes it’s all of those things! You may not agree with all the choices, but hopefully your favourite is in here somewhere. And if it’s not, feel free to put us straight!