The Top 25 F1 Liveries of All Time : #15


The famous Lotus team’s dying years in the early ‘90s were never particularly happy ones, and after two famous liveries in the ‘70s and ‘80s – John Player Special black followed by Camel yellow – bounced around a different style each year for their final few seasons. This green, yellow and black design from 1992, however, was a particularly smart little effort – more colourful than the green and white of ’91, and far tidier than the 1993 car (which was more dominated by Castrol’s green, white and red colour scheme). It’s a shame that the sponsor decals consist largely of boxes that cut into the lines of the livery (rather than being integrated into it), though – it’s certainly not something you’d see nowadays, and without them the car would look even better.

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  1. I really like this shade of green together with the pale yellow. I think greens are vastly underrepresented in F1 colours, too.

  2. >I think greens are vastly underrepresented in F1 colours

    Not in this list! As you’ll come to see from some of the higher entries, green is probably my favourite colour for an F1 car!

  3. Good list, then 😀

  4. 😀 yeah lotus! one of my favourite teams with probably the best catalogue of liveries ever!

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